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Founded in 1973

Registered with the Kennel Club in 1973 the Club has always promoted responsible ownership and breeding.  We operate within the East Anglian region and surrounding areas, welcoming members who love the Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed, whether or not you own one, whether or not you compete in dog sports or just at getting the best spot on the settee!


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The best Staffordshire Bull Terrier video ever!!!

Recently while manning the SBT breed stand at Discover Dogs in London we met Jade, c0-founder of StreetVet.  Please read this description of the organisation which is helping dogs living on the streets with their homeless owners :

Jade wrote::

Homelessness is a growing problem in the UK and an increasing number of homeless people have dogs. The bond between many homeless people and their dogs is profound and the health and wellbeing of their canine companions is very often a major priority for their owners.

Having seen the close bond between homeless people and their dogs first hand, qualified vets, Sam and Jade, wanted to try to find a way to help out. This started out with them going out with a stethoscope and some flea and worming treatment to give the dogs a check over and provide basic preventative healthcare. Despite many of the dogs being very well looked after and in good health, there were a few that needed further treatment. With this in mind, Jade and Sam teamed up to create StreetVet, a veterinary led initiative that allows vets in the UK to volunteer their time to prevent and treat disease in the dogs of the homeless.

StreetVet has now developed the framework to provide a free, first opinion veterinary service for homeless people across London. We have a constantly growing team of veterinary professionals and have the close support of many drugs companies, veterinary practices, animal welfare charities, social non-profit organisations and local councils to enable us to develop the most comprehensive veterinary service possible for the homeless pet owners in London.

We have vets out in the community at least 4days a week and everything that can be done in a consultation room, we can perform on the street. This includes medicating, vaccinating, blood sampling, urine analysis, lump sampling, microchipping and more.

When we meet a dog that needs more advanced treatment we are able to take them to one of the practices that we work at to perform procedures including neutering, dental work, surgery, diagnostic imaging and even hydrotherapy.

Being vets, we love animals, but much of our day-to-day work involves caring for their owners as well. Many of the owners that we meet are vulnerable people and one of the main benefits of having vets out on the streets is that we get to know the owners and their dogs and gain their trust. Through effective communication and consistency we have been able to check and treat approaching 100 dogs across London to date and in time, we hope to be able to extend this service to many more across the country.

Jade (Co-founder): My name is Jade Statt and I qualified as a vet from Glasgow Vet School in 2002. I have worked in small animal practice since graduating but have always wanted to volunteer as a vet in the UK. The concept of StreetVet for me was born from meeting a homeless man and his dog on a night out in London in 2016 and talking to him about his unconditional love for his dog and his fears of losing her. Having recently lost my own dog Oakley, his worries resonated with me and I felt frustrated that I couldn't use my veterinary skills to help them but overwhelmingly I kept thinking "how would I feel if this was Oakley". It was no coincidence that StreetVet began for me in October 2016 and I lost Oakley in September the same year. StreetVet helped me keep focused through my grief but more vividly for me was I identified with the unyielding bond between owner and their dog. The human animal bond is extraordinary and it's a privilege to experience. Another catalyst that helped me to start on the challenging journey of setting up StreetVet was meeting Josh Coombes (#DoSomethingForNothing). He is an inspirational person and now a firm friend and a constant supporter of StreetVet.

With a backpack of medications, a stethoscope and a nurse, I started "Streetvetting" in October 2016. What started as a pilot scheme was before long featured on ITV news, BBC trending, Vet press and multiple pet magazines. It was clear there was a real need for this service. My long term aim was to get other vets involved and create a network of StreetVetsUK wide - I then met like-minded vet Sam Joseph and we officially founded StreetVet together earlier this year. Creating a rapport with the homeless and gaining their trust does not happen overnight but, with your help and the backing of the profession and our aim to help the homeless and their best friends, I believe this project will be a success.

There are similar organisations springing up nationwide - if you can help, especially at this time of year, please donate



Our Officers & Committee are very sad to notify the passing recently of Mrs June Bennett. June has been a lifelong member of the EASBTC, serving on Committee for many years, most recently as Trophy Secretary and Vice-Chair, and becoming a Life Vice-President. Australian born, June lived in the UK for the majority of her life and in past years also served as Secretary of the Scottish SBT Club. Her kennel name was Staffshaven and she bred and showed some very good examples of our breed. A long time friend of our Club President, Joyce Shorrock, these two ladies travelled the country together to many dog shows and events, including their famous ringside seats at the SBT rings at Crufts and I was really privileged to spend time in their company. Always a great supporter of our Club June was always keen to hear news of the Club and the dogs even in the past couple of years when failing health has meant she couldn’t attend the events.

Are you a Staffordshire Bull Terrier owner?  Do you breed from your dog?

Do you know about hereditary conditions in the breed?

Watch this short video showing a SBT suffering from L-2-HGA, a neurological disease, that can be prevented by using a simple DNA test before breeding:

Check out our HEALTH page for more info - we must all work together to stop this happening to any other SBTs

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