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As a breed Staffordshire Bull Terriers are pretty healthy, and responsible Stafford breeders strive to continue and improve on that.  Please take a look at the links provided for more information about the conditions highlighted and if you are hoping to buy a Stafford puppy or planning to breed from your dog or bitch there is absolutely NO excuse for not following the minimum health advice of using the DNA tests for HC and L-2-HGA and clinical eye screening for PHPV and PPSC

The video shows Madge, a young Staffordshire Bull Terrier, born in 2001.  She suffered from L-2-HGA. At the time of her diagnosis there was very little known about this awful neurological condition. Her owner/breeder worked alongside the Animal Health Trust to help develop the DNA test now available. Vet Harvey Carruthers has created a Facebook page dedicated to information about L-2-HGA

The Animal Health Trust is researching more about the disease now if you are able to help

Check out the links for information:


Archie Bryden, as Lead Health Coordinator for the SBT Breed Council of GB & NI, is trying to get an overall picture of this condition in Staffords although it can affect all dogs.

If you have or have had a SBT suffering from it, could you help by completing a short questionnaire, please?   The survey may be accessed here

Alternatively email: archie.bryden@yahoo.co.uk for a  'Word' version .

 If you know anyone who has a SBT that has/had Cushing's feel free to pass this information on or post it wherever appropriate


Do you own or have you bred a blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier or cross?  If so, a survey was launched at Discover Dogs, at Crufts this year with a decent response.  While it is hoped extensive studies on blue coats of many breeds will be carried out by the academics, we are trying to collect information to confirm or refute the many claims that are made. If you have a blue Stafford of any variety, could you please email Archie Bryden  for  a copy of the questionnaire.

Please complete one form for each blue dog you may have and please remember it is equally important to report on any blue dogs with no problems. Note too that any problems should be prolonged or recurrent and have had veterinary treatment.  Please pass on this information to any other owners